Cathie is up and about

Cathie had neurosurgery yesterday and I have learnt a lot about this
subject in the last 24 hours.

She has had serious back pain for a few months now. She had an
injection a fortnight ago, it reduced the pain somewhat. But she
started to loose function below the waist. So the doctor on Monday
said go straight to surgery do not pass go. The operation was
yesterday afternoon.

I dropped her at the hospital at 11am and waited with her till 12:30.
The operation list started at 12:30, there were two of them on the
list and she was second. Theatre for her didn't actually start till
3pm. She was out by 5:30pm and when I arrived at her ward (30 mins
earlier than they told me to be there) she had just arrived and was
groggy but conscious.

There's a scar about two and a half inches long on her lower back.
This morning while I was there she did two walks down the corridor.
Her brain is functioning normally, the pain is much reduced and
although she appears to have pretty much full function back. So it's
so far so good.

I've pulled out of a regional planning day on Saturday. Hannah's
doing netball on Saturday morning, then we will visit Cathie in
hospital, then Solomon will do AFL and Hannah take Barack to dog

I am expecting to be at church on Sunday and looking forward to
speaking on 'Imagine a church that loves the lost.'

Thanks so much to all those who have prayed and offered support.