To baptize or to dedicate?

Friends had a baby on Monday. Today as I was visiting them we got into conversation about baptism or dedication. Our hope is that our kids will grow up never knowing a day when they didn't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

So as were changing their nappies we would say: 'Mummy loves you, Daddy loves you' God loves you, Jesus loves you.'

Our thinking is that the kid's of Christians are Christian until they (God forbid) tell us they are not. just as we would think of the kid's of non-Christians as non-Christian until they tell us they have become Christian.

So our choice has been to act in faith along the lines that we are praying God would act. Hence we decided to baptize our kids as infants and then they will have the choice to confirm their decision when they are older.

If others choose to put the emphasis on a different place (dedicate as babies, baptize as young adults), that's totally fine.

The thing I want to speak against is Christians thinking of their kids as 'little pagans.'