Tribute to Peter Jensen | Sydney Anglican Synod

Rick Smith finished his moving speech...refering to Peter's last words on the ABC Q&A the other night ...and how Peter pointed us to Christ. I want to start with Dr Jensen's very first words to the city of Sydney as Archbishop...speaking to our gathered media... In a packed news conference:

First, I want to stake my life on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

My journalist friends went along to the press conference said there was a vibe around the news conference ..... Wow - this guys got views. And depth. We have a new player in town. A new leader in the city.

And over a decade that view of Sydney’s media ... hasn’t changed... A Channel Seven journalist said to me - Whatever Jensen says is news. Pell as well, but especially Jensen.

Going back 15 years ago before Peter, I think Sydney Anglicans were defined in the media and amongst ourselves by our enemies.

But it wasn’t just the media... it’s been our view of ourselves - as Sydney Anglican Evangelical Christians.

Peter, with your election and your adoption of a diocesan ‘heart grabbing goal,’ his championing of the mission of Jesus....

You have given us a goal, a purpose, a direction, to unite behind --- Christ.

One old dog from this chamber said to me, Peter enjoys more support in synod than any Archbishop I can remember because he is so clearly leading us to where we want to go - he is leading us to Jesus.

*** I have been excited as we have started to do the review of the diocesan mission, our mission.. to begin to chart the progress that has been made.

  • It is amazing to reflect that under Peter’s chairmanship we have seen the conversion of ANGLICARE.
  • Our social issues committee - they are now so sharp and incisive in their statements to the world.
  • The way Anglican Retirement Villages have been brought back into the family.
  • The way Anglican Media is about promoting the mission of Christ.
  • And the way we now have a confidence in Youthworks that ten years ago - we just didn’t
  • And then the revolution in the school system - with the Christian Principles and School Councils!

Things we could not have imagined 15 years ago.

Well done good and faithful servant!